Andrey Dukov was born in Moscow in 1942. He graduated from  Moscow State Surikov Art University. He is a member of more than 50 group exhibitions in Russia and abroad since 1967. Andrei is a painter, a graphic artist and a member of Union of Painters.  He was awarded by the Silver Medal of Russian Academy of Arts for the series of works named “The light of the Bethlehem star” in 2000. He works and lives in Moscow.

The works created by A.V. Dukov who is one of the brightest representatives of modern Russian art life consequently developing traditions of Russian and Western-European painting of the end of XXth century are remarkable for the richness of ideas, for an outstanding talent of a painter organically involving various painting systems. Dukov is an exponent of modern acute attitude to the world of arts. He opens new possibilities to express modern disposition in different painting systems – starting from Russian Medieval arts up to avant-garde directions of the XXth century.
The principal determining basis of the painter is color which is intense, deep and clear. Pictorial canvases of the artist are notable for the unique dynamics of art harmony, particular expressiveness of light and shade,  frankness of almost childish perception of nature and on the other hand – one can note the refined fineness of color system. Andrei Dukov  thinks of Picasso and Matisse  as his inspirers. 

Works of Andrei Dukov are kept at the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art,  Köln Museum of Contemporary Art and collection of baron von Graes in Köln.

Main personal exhibitions:

Moscow house of Sculpture.
Central House of Painter
“Moscow News Berlin” gallery, Berlin
“103” gallery Stuttgart
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg
Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany
Josef Boys Museum, Bremen, Germany
Moscow Museum of Modern Arts
Tula Art Museum
Art Museum,  Smolensk
Arkhangelsk Region Art Museum
State Art Gallery ,Odessa
Private collections in Russia, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland.